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Seamless Welding Round Precision Steel Tubing 0.5 - 6.0mm Wall Thickness

Seamless Welding Round Precision Steel Tubing 0.5 - 6.0mm Wall Thickness

Seamless Welding Round Precision Steel Tubing 0.5 - 6.0mm Wall Thickness

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: YAXIN
Certification: ISO/TS16949

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 metric ton
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 5000 metric tons per month
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Detailed Product Description
Standard: DIN2391 Material: Carbon Steel
Condition: NBK Shape: Round
Application: Hydraulic Line

DIN2391 ST45 ST52 seamless cold drawn carbon steel tubing


As a leading manufacturer of fine tolerance steel tubing we find our products being used in a wide range of demanding automotive and high pressure hydraulic line applications such as:


• Damping System

• Steering Systems

• Propshafts / Driveshafts

• Gearbox Shafts

• Shock Absorbers, Stabiliser Bars and Active Suspension Components

• Camshafts

• Fuel Pipeline

• (HPL) Hydraulic Line


P r o d u c t s


• Cold Drawn Fine Tolerance Precision Steel Tubes DIN EN 10305-1 (DIN 2391)

• Cold Drawn Fine Tolerance Precision Steel Tubes DIN EN 10305-2 (DIN 2393)

• Cold Drawn Fine Tolerance Precision Steel Tubes for the Fluid and Pneumatic Power Markets (H8)

• Cold Drawn Fine Tolerance Special Sections

• ERW Steel Tubes DIN EN 10305-3 (DIN 2394)

• Precision Steel Tubes GOST 9567

• Carbon Steel Pipes for Pressure Service JIS G3454

• Carbon Steel Pipes for High Pressure Service JIS G3455

• Automotive Components


M a t e r i a l s

E235, E355, E410, 25CrMo4, 26Mn5, 26Mo2, 25CrMo4, 42CrMo4, 20MnV6

St35, St35, St52

St37.4, St44.4, St52.4

STPG 370, 410

STS 370, 410, 480


S p e c i f i c a t i o n s

OD: 4 to 30mm (+/-0.08mm)

OD: 32 to 40mm (+/-0.15mm)

OD: 42 to 50mm (+/-20mm)

WT: 0.5-6.0mm


D e l i v e r y C o n d i t i o n s

+C No heat treatment after the final cold drawing process.

+LC After the final heat treatment there is a suitable drawing pass.

+SR After the final cold drawing process there is a stress relieve heat treatment in a controlled


+A After the final cold drawing process the tubes are annealed in a controlled atmosphere.

+N After the final cold drawing operation the tubes are normalized in a controlled atmosphere.


Q u a l i t y A s s u r a n c e


The quality of our products for the Fluid Power sector is assured not just during the controlled manufacturing process but also by way of finished product testing. Typical tests include:

• Non-destructive tests

• Surface finish controls

• Dimensional accuracy measurements

• Flare and coning tests

• Mechanical and chemical property testing


T y p i c a l S i z e s


Outside diameter (mm) Wall thickness (mm) Flow cross section (cm2)



  Outside diameter (mm) Wall thickness (mm) Flow cross section (cm2)



6 1 0.13 0.123 22 1.5 2.84 0.758
6 1.5 0.071 0.166 22 2 2.55 0.986
6 2 0.031 0.197 22 3 2.01 1.41
8 1 0.28 0.173 25 2 3.46 1.13
8 1.5 0.20 0.240 25 2.5 3.14 1.39
8 2 0.13 0.296 25 3 2.84 1.63
10 1 0.50 0.222 25 4 2.27 2.07
10 1.5 0.38 0.314 25 5 1.77 2.47
10 2 0.28 0.395 28 1.5 4.91 0.98
10 2.5 0.20 0.462 28 2 4.52 1.28
12 1 0.79 0.271 28 3 3.80 1.85
12 1.5 0.64 0.389 28 4 3.14 2.37
12 2 0.50 0.493 28 5 2.55 2.84
12 2.5 0.38 0.586 30 2 5.31 1.38
12 3 0.28 0.666 30 2.5 4.91 1.70
14 1 1.13 0.321 30 3 4.52 2.00
14 1.5 0.95 0.462 30 4 3.80 2.57
14 2 0.79 0.592 30 5 3.14 3.08
14 3 0.50 0.814 30 6 2.55 3.55
15 1 1.33 0.345 35 2 7.55 1.63
15 1.5 1.13 0.499 35 3 6.61 2.37
15 2 0.95 0.641 35 4 5.73 3.06
15 3 0.64 0.888 35 5 4.91 3.70
16 1.5 0.13 0.536 35 6 4.16 4.29
16 2 1.13 0.691 38 2.5 8.56 2.19
16 2.5 0.95 0.832 38 3 8.04 2.59
16 3 0.79 0.962 38 4 7.07 3.35
18 1.5 1.77 0.610 38 5 6.16 4.07
18 21 1.54 0.789   38 6 5.31 4.74
18 2.5 1.33 0.956   42 2 11.34 1.97
18 3 1.13 1.11   42 3 10.18 2.89
20 1.5 2.27 0.684   42 4 9.08 3.75
20 2 2.01 0.888   50 4 13.85 4.54
20 2.5 1.77 1.08   50 5 12.57 5.55
20 3 1.54 1.26   50 6 11.34 6.51
20 4 1.13 1.58   50 8 9.08 8.29



P a s s i o n f o r P r e c i s i o n


We understand how important it is for our customers to receive products crafted to tolerances of the finest order. We understand the particularly demanding conditions in which our products are expected to perform. We understand the extremely high quality standards that our customers expect us to adhere to. This understanding demands a high focus on customer orientation and this is encapsulated in our motto: Passion for Precision. The ideals and beliefs associated with this mantra provide a framework around which all of YAXIN’s daily activities revolve.


Bespoke solutions to engineering challenges define the culture that imbibes a firm history that extends to over 20 years. It is this ethos that has enabled our company to play a very significant part in defining the quality standards that exist today in our niche market of fine tolerance steel tubing. This knowledge and experience gives us the confidence that we can meet the highest of customer demands with a tailored engineering solution that is based upon a bespoke fine tolerance steel tube.


E n g i n e e r i n g


Material developments and innovative cutting edge engineering methods in combination with economically friendly lightweight solutions all serve to broaden the application spectrum for the

modern day fine tolerance steel tube. Within this constellation it is important to understand that a close working relationship with both suppliers and customers is the cornerstone to success. This process is something we practice on a daily basis.


R a p i d P r o t o t y p i n g


Modern day manufacturing requires that innovative product development ideas are turned into saleable products in the shortest possible time. Our in-house team of qualified Engineers and Product Designers/Developers are experienced in the process of Rapid Prototyping, thereby satisfying the insatiable appetite of our customers for new innovative solutions based on a fine tolerance steel tube and all within the shortest possible time frame.


C o s t E f f e c t i v e n e s s


Tubes, manufactured to the finest of tolerances can be economically developed by incorporating production efficiencies into their design. Our state of the art manufacturing assets, and the advantages that they bring to the manufacturing process, enable economic efficiencies to be applied to the most complex of tube design. As a consequence many of our products have manufacturing tolerances much tighter than those specified in industry norms. This makes us the perfect partner for customers with complex design needs.


D e v o t e t o A u t o m o t i v e C o m p o n e n t s


We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine tolerance steel tubing: We employ around 750 people and are an independent, privately owned entity. Since the company was founded in 1996, we have been involved in the broader technical development of the niche market in which we operate. Our annual production tonnage of around 110.000 metric tons is marketed and sold worldwide. Approximately 90 % of our production goes into the Automobile industry in the form of fine tolerance tubes, special shaped tube sections and tube based components.


The knowledge associated with supplying such a wide range of complex application fields allows us to offer a product range that extends from the steel coil to the finished component. This broad sphere of activity enables us to integrate our core competence of precision into a whole range of added value activities thereby creating a unique position for YAXIN in the broader tube industry.



YAXIN Precision Steel Tube - Your Competent Partner for Innovative Developments


As one of the leading manufacturers of cold drawn seamless and cold drawn welded Precision Steel Tubes YAXIN offers a broad production range along with exceptional expert advice on material, processing, sales and services. Our efforts target at intelligent solutions for the utmost customer satisfaction. As YAXIN is well embedded into many synergies emerge strengthening performance from the pre-material to the final product.


The production program comprises seamless and welded Precision Steel Tubes manufactured according to international standards of the automotive, mechanical engineering and energy industries.


Applications in Automotive Industry

• Camshafts

• Rocker shafts

• Diesel injection lines

• Drive shafts

• Propeller shafts

• Ball cages

• Cylinder for shock absorbers

• Container tubes for shock absorbers

• Piston rods

• Stabilizers

• Axles

• Steering rods

• Steering parts

• Airbags

• Crossbeams

• IHU parts

• Gas springs


Diesel Injection Tubes for 2,000 bar and Even Higher Pressure


Technical requirements as well as legislative constraints are strongly linked to higher injection pressures. Todays’s market predictions project injection pressures rising up to more than 2,000 bar for cars while these might go beyond 3,000 bar in the case of heavy-duty vehicles.


Tube requirements

• Bending ability

• Corrosion resistance

• Excellent fatigue strength

• Design criterion for 1 ppm pressure level: (Operating pressure + peak pressure) for 107 load cycles

• Dedicated autofrettage process


YAXIN Precision Tubes


Offers a large precision tube portfolio intended for Diesel Injection Lines comprising high end as well as economic solutions. The product portfolio was complemented with the new Common Rail Grade (CRG) series. The CRG series offers excellent steel and surface qualities (acc. to ISO 8535) engineered for advanced fatigue resistances based upon special micro alloying concepts. Due to long-term experience scatter of mechanical characteristics and surface properties are managed within narrow scatter bands. In combination with adequate autofrettage processes extreme system pressures may be realized.


Precision Steel Tubes for Side Shafts: Monobloc Tubular Shafts (MTS) and Welded Tubular Shafts


Precision Steel Tubes for Welded Tubular Shafts are endowed with outstanding geometrical properties and delivered as high-quality Carbon, Manganese Boron or air hardening steel. Dedicated wall thickness and eccentricity tolerances give way for excellent dynamic response as well as fatigue properties.


Precision Steel Tubes for Monobloc Tubular Shafts are designed either for quenching and tempering (C and CrMo-grades) or hardening processes (MnB-grades). Our steel material shows

well-defined microstructure and large deformation capacities perfectly suitable for any deformation process carried out at low temperature, just as needed for tapering and splining.


Customer expectations


• Cold forming capacity

• Weldability

• Excellent dynamic response

• Appropriate static and fatigue properties


Tube requirements


• Geometrical characteristics within narrow scatter bands (wall thickness, diameter, eccentricity among others)

• Well-defined, homogeneous microstructure

• Narrow scatter band of strength properties


Precision Steel Tubes for Shock Absorber


Manufacturer of shock absorbers are increasingly looking for solutions to optimize their own processes. Furthermore, solutions to reduce weight in the vehicle are in the focus. Precision Steel Tubes with higher strength combined with a steady good process behavior are needed. YAXIN stands for high quality Precision Steel Tubes for shock absorber.


Customer expectations


• High surface quality (ready to use surface)

• Suitability for subsequent processing

• Formability


Tube requirements


• Constant mechanical properties

• Tight allowances

• Cleanliness and high surface quality




Seamless Welding Round Precision Steel Tubing 0.5 - 6.0mm Wall Thickness

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